Papaha's Art Gallery and Studio represents artists in the Sri Chinmoy Centre and San Diego, featuring projected art, installations, sculpture, paintings and drawings.
Papaha writes: "Art can no longer evolve except towards the Divine. Going into the
21st Century we find the mental and conceptual evolution of art has lost fulfillment and connection with the common man. To rekindle man's aspiring oneness with art, we must now evolve from creating with the mind to creating with the heart, and eventually, with the Soul."

Papaha has certainly traveled an unconventional road in artistic evolution. Beginning with a hobby of drawing countless
cartoon and sci-fi illustrations in his early teens, he entered UCSD majoring in computer engineering, but graduated with
a degree in Studio Visual Arts after being influenced by Allan Kaprow, Chip Lord, Lewis Hawk and Phil Cohen. His artwork
in his senior year captured nationwide media coverage including the front page of the Wall Street Journal, USA Today,
San Diego Union Tribune, San Diego Reader, Times Tribune
, and statewide television coverage. He then began a study of
meditation and spirituality with the renowned spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy, receiving the name "Papaha" after ten years
of intensive practice, and is still an active member of the Sri Chinmoy community today.

Over the past twenty-five years, he has shown artwork in San Diego, the Bay Area, Houston and New York. He has done
stage design for off-Broadway play productions and for Peace Concerts in California and Washington. He has been the
artistic director for multiple feats that have set Guinness World Records, has been interviewed on the nightly news for
sculpting record albums, has designed a line of furniture, and done digital and print design for major corporations.
Papaha has also offered his time and talent to the local community by creating a fundraising concept and art show that
donated over $4500 for the San Diego Children's Hospital, and is the founder of Art Around Adams, an art event that
highlights local performance art along with installation, painting and sculpture in Normal Heights and Kensington.

Currently he is focusing on sculptural installation and site-specific digital projections. Papaha's Gallery and Studio can be viewed on 33rd St. in Normal Heights just South of Adams Ave. Private showings are available by appointment. Feel free


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